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To Be Your Partner In Your Financial Journey

We strive to be Your Partners in Your Financial Journey. A journey is a long-term event and we want to be your personal financial guide along the way. We will coordinate your investments to align with your true financial needs and coordinate your other needs with appropriate professionals such as attorneys, accountants, banking/lending institutions, and insurance agents. We have access to local Trust Services also and can coordinate those needs. We will go with you to these meetings to help ensure goals match up with services. There is no additional fee as our services are comprehensive.

Getting Started

How to Get Started? Please call us to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary introductory meeting to review your goals and assets. We will put all fees and suggestions in writing so that you can make a good, long-term decision to possibly work with us.

Who Are We?

Who Are We? We are professional, independent, fee-only investment advisors who manage fully customized portfolios for our clients. We don’t want to be the largest firm, aren’t Wall Street, and we aren’t interested in anything except truly being your partner in your financial journey. As firms grow, all too often the personal touch is lost. Wall Street type firms seek revenue for themselves and reward top salespeople with lavish rewards. That’s not us. We are a team of two who work daily to service your needs and meet your expectations with honest, independent, and focused advice. Our own investments are managed using the same portfolio strategies that we recommend for you. It is vitally important for you to know if your advisory relationship is 100% full-time fiduciary or not. Ask how your advisor is compensated and if any commissions are earned on the sale of any products. And get all possible fees in writing, including any commissions.

Fee Only

What is Fee-Only? Financial advisors are compensated by either selling you commission products like annuities, insurances, and mutual funds or by acting 100% as fiduciaries. In a commission sales relationship, your interests are not necessarily represented first and foremost. In a fiduciary relationship, your interests come before anything else – that’s the fee-only difference. Huston-Fox is your locally owned and operated fee-only firm. Our interests are aligned fully with your interests in how we are compensated. We are fiduciaries.